Content Strategist

Fargo, North Dakota, United States Full-time



At Sundog, a Content Strategist is able to guide both clients and project teams through the development and implementation of sound processes for planning, developing, and managing content within a marketing ecosystem. While collaborating with other team members across an omnichannel experience, the Content Strategist’s primary job is focused on client websites, landing pages, and other owned digital environments for delivering marketing content. Not only does the Content Strategist plan the content and the overall structure itself, but they are instrumental in helping clients identify processes and resources needed for governing and maintaining content throughout its lifecycle. They can help clients go from a framework or model for content management to an implemented, actionable process that collaborative teams can sustain over time. And while doing so, they can help clients see the connection points between their content endeavors across their ecosystem, and help teams maintain consistency with respect to brand requirements.

The Content Strategist will collaborate with both clients and Sundog consultants to better understand the client’s marketing outcomes, as well as project requirements. This person will collaborate closely with team members to execute on the design and development of owned content platforms for the client. The Content Strategist should also have experience working with—or even some background in—user experience practices, visual and creative design, content development, technical development, and other related fields. It’s a bonus if you also have experience working with brands and their expression within digital ecosystems.


  • You get to collaborate with clients on comprehensive content challenges that span their digital ecosystems.
  • You will play a pivotal role in helping identify marketing outcomes, translating them into actionable work for the account, and helping lead those projects to completion.
  • You get to stay customer-centered in your approach, and lead clients in their efforts to become more customer-centered.
  • Constant collaboration all across Sundog’s combined skill sets—from strategy, to marketing, to development—and you will play a central role in keeping them all on the same page.
  • You’ll develop publishing and content management recommendations for clients’ content teams.
  • You’ll also get your hands dirty in the content creation itself when required.
  • Whether qualitative data from customer research or quantitative data from measurement and analytics—from strategy to optimization, you will have significant data support to drive decision making and recommendations.


  • Create clear and effective deliverables that communicate strategy, and that can tie tactical decisions back to strategic foundations.
  • Communicate consistently and proactively with a team of specialists to ensure that client needs are being met.
  • Proactively communicate with account leadership, client stakeholders, and project team to produce alignment and keep work on track.
  • Work with analytics and data to develop plan for optimizing strategy and tactics for customer engagement within websites and other owned digital platforms.
  • Identify key needs to complete work, while collaborating across the team and account leadership to help define scope of work.
  • Work with team to ensure that deliverables meet the client expectations for deliverables.
  • Accurately document, baseline and communicate scope to both internal teams and and clients.
  • Serve as a practice leader who can effectively document Content Strategy as an approach within Sundog’s proprietary model for Lead to Revenue Management


  • A passion for learning about concepts such as digital marketing and digital transformation.
  • A very strong desire to stay knowledgeable on the latest innovations in content strategy and content marketing.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with projects or accounts simultaneously.
  • You can handle stressful situations and tight deadlines.
  • You learn quickly, and can maintain a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with team members across a range of expertise.
  • Strong knowledge of omnichannel marketing and using a customer journey
  • Solid knowledge of branding and its application across channels and websites.
  • Working knowledge of SEO, UX/Design processes, research, etc., as well as analytics and using data for measurement and optimization.
  • Preference for experience working within B2B marketing programs.
  • A portfolio that demonstrates expertise and previous work experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, or related field.
  • 5 years or more of experience in content marketing or similar field